Booking Terms and Conditions at Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro

Contract Terms:

Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro: Provider of lodging services.
CLIENT: Passenger who uses the services of Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro (of legal age).
CHECK-IN: Check-in process of the client at the hotel before entering the room.
CHECK-OUT: Check-out process of the client upon finishing using the hotel's services.
NO-SHOW: Failure of the passenger to show up at the hotel before 23:59 hours on the scheduled day of arrival, without prior communication from the client.
RESERVATION: Agreement between Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro and the Client to reserve the room(s) for the dates requested by the client at Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro.
SERVICE CHARGE: Surcharge of 10% on consumption for services provided by Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro.
GENERAL SALES TAX (IGV): Tax corresponding to 18% of the rate.

General Conditions:

The Client, when making the reservation through the website of Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro (, declares to have been informed and/or had access to the content of the Privacy Policy regarding the data provided on our website, which are part of the terms of this contract. Likewise, they unconditionally accept the following terms and conditions.

No agent, server, representative, or third party has the authority or capacity to modify, restrict, or expand the terms of this contract. The terms and conditions specifically apply to Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro. These terms constitute a contract between you and Maragogi SAC, and the goods and/or services will be provided directly by Maragogi SAC, as appropriate.

The rates shown in the first step of the purchasing process are net and do not include the IGV charge or the service charge. In the last step of the purchasing process, only the service charge corresponding to 10% at Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro is added. The IGV, if applicable, will always be paid at the hotel reception.

The rates are expressed per night/room, not per passenger. The cost of additional beds in the room will depend on the availability of the hotel and the type of room. For more information, contact

Total cost of the reservation must be pay at check-in time.

All reservations must be guaranteed with a valid credit card.

The hotel reserves the right to make a pre-authorization of 01 night to validate the authenticity of the credit card you will see this detail in your Bank statement  under the name of MARAGOGI SAC.

If the reservation is not guaranteed, the reservation will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policies:

• 2-Day Cancellation: Reservations can be modified or canceled up to 2 days before Check-in (Peruvian time) without additional charges. Within 48 hours, a charge of 100% of the first night plus taxes will be applied.

• Non-Refundable: Prepaid reservations cannot be modified, canceled, transferred, or refunded.

• No-Show penalty corresponds to the total amount of the stay.

• All rates will be charged in US dollars (USD), and the purchase receipt will be issued in dollars.

• Reservation confirmation will be provided within a maximum of 24 business hours after the reservation is made.

• For prepaid reservations, the full charge to the credit card will be processed within the next 48 business hours after the reservation is made. For reservations made one day before or on the same day as check-in, the full charge to the credit card will be processed at check-in.

• For reservations with "payment at the hotel" condition, the Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro website does not accept debit cards. If a debit card is entered, the reservation will be canceled without prior notice. As an alternative, you can make your reservation directly through the email: ; through this channel, a virtual payment link will be provided for payments with the client's preferred card (debit or credit).

• In case of prepaid reservations made through the Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro website, the charge will be made immediately to the registered credit or debit card.

If the credit card displays messages such as "denied," "stolen," "insufficient funds," or "expired," the reservation will be canceled without prior notice.

• We reserve the right to cancel or modify reservations in cases where it is considered that the client has engaged in fraudulent or inappropriate activity.

• In case of errors and/or duplications in the reservation made by the client, Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro does not assume responsibility for this and will apply the penalty according to the reservation policy.

• For group reservations of more than 5 rooms, Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro reserves the right to apply special policies and deadlines.

Check-in and Check-out Procedures:

• Food is not allowed to be brought into the hotel, except for medical restrictions.

• It is a requirement to present identification documents (ID card) or passport, alien registration card for all room occupants (including children) and visitors. If a guest wishes to have guests in their room, it is essential that they are properly identified and registered using their identification document.

• Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro allows minors to enter the hotel only when accompanied by one of their parents, guardians, curators, responsible persons, and with their express authorization to enter the hotel (Notarial Permit).

• The maximum number of visitors allowed per room is 2 people, provided it does not exceed the number of people allowed by the room capacity.

• Peruvian residents will be subject to a 18% General Sales Tax (IGV) charge at the hotel reception (applies to reservations made on the Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro website).

• To be exempt from the General Sales Tax (IGV), it is essential to present a valid passport and the Andean Migration Card (TAM) with an entry period not exceeding 60 days.

• Peruvian guests residing outside of Peru must prove their residency in the foreign country with the corresponding documentation.

• Check-in time is from 3:00 PM and Check-out time is at 12:00 PM the next day, as detailed in the reservation confirmation.

• Any request for Early Check-in and/or Late Check-out is subject to an additional charge and must be requested via email: or directly at the hotel reception (subject to availability).

• A CREDIT CARD must be presented at Check-in to guarantee accommodation and extras during the stay. A pre-authorization will be made on this CREDIT CARD for a minimum amount equivalent to 1 (one) night's accommodation.

• Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro allows guests to bring their dog (Pet) provided they comply with the Admission Policies. Only one dog per room is allowed with a price of $30.00 (including taxes and services) per night. At the time of booking, the guest must provide certificates issued by a registered veterinarian (or competent government body) accrediting the vaccinations and deworming of their pet, with a validity of no more than 1 year. It is necessary to carry these certificates during the stay at the hotel and present them if requested by the personnel of Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro. In the case of guide dogs, the CONADIS certification must be presented, accrediting the need for the dog's company (visual disability, emotional support, glucose measurement, or other types). If the CONADIS certification is not available, the guest will be charged for the pet's stay per night. It must be coordinated with the hotel at least one week before arrival.

Conditions for staying at the hotel:

• We offer Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers in private service for an additional charge.

• Depending on the hotel's availability and room type, up to one (01) child (under 06 years) can share a room with two adults at no extra charge for accommodation.

• The buffet breakfast included per room is considered according to the number of people registered in the reservation corresponding to the capacity of each room type, between adults or children. If children are staying in the room, the buffet breakfast will be charged according to the ages of the children.

• Additional breakfast charges will be applied as follows:

• Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro: Maximum 01 child in the room 0 to 6 years old: Maximum 01 child is allowed, will be exempt from room and breakfast payment, sharing a bed with the parents.

• It is only possible to add extra beds or sofa beds in some of our rooms. Prior coordination is required and will incur an additional charge.

• We have cribs and/or "pack & play" sets (subject to availability), inquire at the time of check-in or prior to your arrival via email:

• Some units' rooms and common areas have facilities and access conditions for people with special needs.

• If you wish to extend your stay, please inform the hotel reception at least 24 hours in advance of your departure date. The extension will depend on room availability.

• In the event of force majeure or fortuitous event where Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro is unable to fulfill the client's accommodation, it undertakes to provide a solution by offering accommodation in other nearby hotels of similar or superior category.

• According to the General Law for the Prevention and Control of the Risks of Tobacco Consumption, Law Number 29517, smoking is prohibited in the rooms. If a guest violates this paragraph, a penalty of USD 250 per day will be applied.

• The hotel offers free WiFi in public areas and rooms;

• The hotel has parking within the premises, so we do not guarantee spaces for any passenger (subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis). If parking availability is confirmed at the hotel, there is no charge.

• The hotel is not responsible for the loss of money, jewelry, and/or other valuables left in the room. We ask our guests to properly close the doors of their rooms and to use the safes located in their rooms or declare the valuables and leave them in custody at the hotel reception. The availability of a safe at the reception may vary depending on the hotel.

• All personal items forgotten by our guests and found by hotel staff will be stored according to the storage protocol by category.

• In order to provide a comfortable stay for all our guests, we require a silence schedule between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m.

• It is prohibited to enter rooms for anyone not registered at the hotel.

• If you wish to consume alcoholic beverages purchased outside the hotel, a corkage fee communicated by the hotel will be applied.

• We do not offer tours, but we can connect you with a local operator.

• Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro is against the trafficking of archaeological pieces belonging to the Peruvian Cultural Heritage.

• Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro is against the trafficking of protected species.

• The possession and consumption of hallucinogenic drugs within the hotel premises are prohibited.

• The exploitation and sexual abuse of minors are criminally and civilly punishable in accordance with current legal provisions.

Procedure for Unwelcome Client or Visitor:

At Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment among our employees, guests, customers, and the community. Therefore, we have established an internal process detailing the reasons for Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro to declare a client or visitor as UNWELCOME.

Reasons to determine a client or visitor as UNWELCOME:

• Leaving the hotel without performing the corresponding check-out, leaving consumptions or other outstanding debts unpaid.

• Registering at the hotel with false information or impersonating someone else's identity.

• Attempting to repeatedly pay with counterfeit money or with false documentation such as ID, passport, credit or debit card.

• Committing physical or verbal aggression, harassment, harassment, or threatening any guest, employee, supplier, or visitor, provided the responsibility of the aggressor is proven.

• Committing thefts or robberies, in any of their modalities, during their stay or visit to the hotel (including those made against suppliers, visitors, etc.)

• Entering the hotel with a minor and not registering them at the reception (in case they are not the parents of the minor, a notarized letter or document accrediting that they are guardians of the minor must be provided).

• Entering with unidentified companions, with National Identity Document, Foreigner Card or other official identity document issued by a competent national or foreign authority that accurately accredits such information (subject to validation by the hotel), to the hotel rooms.

• Not being responsible for damages to the hotel facilities (subject to validation of the customer's responsibility).

• If the client or visitor has weapons and does not present or refuses to show their "license to carry weapons".

• For abandonment of property whose value is $1000 or more.

• Engaging in fraudulent acts through which an attempt is made to obtain a benefit by deceiving hotel staff, subject to validation of customer responsibility.

• Other dangerous, harmful, high-risk, or morally offensive behaviors that contravene the well-being, moral order, and good customs of guests, visitors, suppliers, and/or employees. Such reasons will be evaluated by Customer Experience.

Consequences of declaring a client or visitor UNWELCOME:

• Any client or visitor declared UNWELCOME will be previously notified via a notarized letter about the decision adopted by Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro and the reason for it.

• UNWELCOME clients or visitors will not be able to make reservations or stay again at Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro website.

• If an UNWELCOME client or visitor enters Hotel Dazzler Lima San Isidro, the hotel staff will activate the security protocol and invite the visitor to leave the hotel. If the client or visitor refuses to leave the hotel premises, hotel security and the National Police of Peru will be called.